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What is IELTS?

IELTS is the high-stakes English test for study, migration or work.

IELTS Writing


Living in an English speaking nation, you cannot avoid written communication. One would confront a situation where are to write to some government officer or newspaper editors. Then it is important to write correct formal English in these cases. In case of IELTS Writing the objective is to evaluate a candidate’s writing skills on a wide range of topics. An aspirant’s capability of using a range of correct vocabulary and grammar is assessed. Besides the vocabulary, her/his ability to organize thoughts and ideas; and write an appropriate response to a situation is also equally assessed.


There are two forms of IELTS writing - IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. Which form of test a candidate has to take would be decided based on various parameters? We provide IELTS classes in Subhash Nagar for both types of aspirants. Our faculty holds expertise in providing world class coaching for both the modules of writing. The subject matter of the two types of tests is different.


Academic Writing

Understanding the tasks types in Academic writing section of IELTS exam is the key to success. If a candidate knows the task types this would ensure that s/he adopts the right strategy to correctly answer the questions. IELTS Academic writing generally involves two tasks. Our trainers impart more than adequate training of both the tasks of academic writing. There are two key points to remember before attempting any question of IELTS writing – one, the test taker must write complete paragraphs;and two, the answer must be written within the prescribed word limit. Writing in bullet points and violating the word limits both attract penalty.

In the first task candidates are provided with some visual information and they are expected to describe this piece of visual in their own words. The visual may be in the form of a graph, a table, a chart, or a diagram. The writing style should be formal or a semi-formal. We train the candidates to write original text because plagiarism is penalized. We also train the candidates in identifying the most crucial and relevant aspects.

The second task in academic writing section of IELTS requires the candidate to demonstrate their skills of writing relevant and coherent answers. There is no standard format of completing this task. In the beginning, many candidates provide general answers. But with the continuous support and critical feedback of our expert faculty they start writing relevant and coherent answers.

Our study material is so comprehensive that if practiced well helps the candidates score a high band score in IELTS writing. It makes us one of the most preferred IELTS classes in Subhash Nagar.


General Training Writing


IELTS General Training writing generally also involves two tasks. The difficulty level is not as rigorous in case of general training writing as is in case of academic writing.

Task 1: To respond to a situation or explain a situation.

The first task of General Training writing is to explain a situation in writing. A candidate is expected to demonstrate her/his ability to make correct use of English language. Besides, the candidates demonstrate their ability to organise information cohesively and follow English letter-writing conventions. For this purpose, the candidates are assigned to write personal response to a situation. The candidates are required to write about everyday situations.

For instance, a candidate may be asked to write a letter to a university administration officer about some admin related issues. Our expert team of trainers provides outstanding guidance to the IELTS aspirants studying in our center. They get the guidance right from choosing the appropriate style of writing to very specific tips for dealing with the nuances specific to IELTS writing. IELTS preparation in Subhash Nagar is easy now.

Task 2: Essay in response to a point of view, argument or problem.

In the second task, evaluation is conducted of the candidate’s ability to use correct English in discursive writing which requires putting forward arguments either for the topic or against the topic. Another format of discursive writing involves presenting a balanced viewpoint on a topic. We train students in following English discursive writing conventions, which include appropriate start and finish, writing style, order of information, etc. then the candidates are trained to organize the information cohesively and coherently. They learn to provide precise and relevant answers. In the initial days of training we find that many candidates are not able to provide answers as per the expectations of the examiner, despite clear written instructions.

Our expert faculty members play the key role in grooming the candidates in writing different types of information such as point of view, argument or problem. Talking of the key skills to acquire, the candidates learn to provide general factual information, justify an opinion, outline a solution, and evaluate evidences and ideas.

Generally, topics of general interest are taken up for this task.For example, ‘who should bear the expenses of elderly people, ‘should smoking be banned in public places’, ‘should the leisure activities of children be educational’, ‘why joint family systems have broken’, ‘how to solve the environmental problems’, etc.



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